Trenchless Pipe Replacement
Install     Water      Gas       Sewer        Electric      Irrigation   without digging!
Drill Exit - the pipe is attached to the drill bit and pulled back through the hole to the beginning point
1. The pipe is glued together in one continuous run.
2.The machine is used to drill a horizonal underground hole to the desired area, the drill head is guided out of the ground (drill exit) and into a open hole.
3.The long run of pipe is attached to the drilling tool and pulled back through the pre drilled hole to the drill entry point at the machine (beginning point).
4. The new pipe is now in place and ready for tie in to existing services.

Bore Path
Bore Path 185' feet to drill exit at the white circle in the tree line. The pipe will be attached to the drill bit at the exit point and pulled back underground towards the machine (see photo below) for a complete trenchless installation. Both ends of the new pipe are then tied back into the service lines and the installation is complete.

Bore Path-Irrigation Line
under concrete and into Flower Beds
Bore path under concrete entry for service wire to automatic gate opener
Drill entry point
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The white lines marked bore path in the photo's below show the underground location
of pipe installed on some of our recently completed projects.
Sewer pipe, glued together and ready for trenchless installation
Drill Exit -  On this project the hole was drilled across the  lawn to the tree line (see photo above),  the pipe is then attached to the drill tool and pulled back undergound towards the machine
Drill Exit
During the drilling process the electronic locating transmitter is inside the drill head as it moves along underground across your lawn. The transmitter sends exact location, angle and depth readings to the machine operator. The machine operator controls the drill head from the machine. The drill head can be driven across the yard, make turns or come out of the ground at the exact location necessary. 
Drill rods - the machine operator uses autoload on the machine to load each drill rod until the desired length is achieved
Drill Rod
Directional Bore Machine
Drill head
Electronic transmitter is inside here
Drill Bit
Your lawn will look the same when we finish as it did when we started.

We use a compact size drill and our electronic guidance system to steer a drilling tool along a planned bore path.  The directional transmitter inside the underground drilling tool provides the electronic information needed for a successful trenchless installation. Our company specializes in boring driveways, patios, sidewalks or full lawns for all types of utility installations.
Water Meter installation
  New service or additional service for irrigation
Residential Services
Access Basement
Bore from water meter to basement